The Cycle of the Action

Every action produces a reaction and a result which in turn produce repercussions.

The child throws the ball (action) which pushes the air (reaction) which creates a current of air (1st repercussion) and breaks a window of a house (result); His parents must pay for the breakage and he will be punished (2nd and 3rd repercussions).

The entrepreneur launches the idea (action) which raises capital needs and human behavior towards him (reactions).

Two groups of possible outcomes: Success or Failure.

Why two groups?
Because there are several successes, one that allows the Entrepreneur to buy a new car and one that allows him to buy a Yacht.

Just as there are several failures, the one that causes debts for a while to the Entrepreneur, which imposes him to have to tighten his belt or the one that causes bankruptcy of his business or his own bankruptcy.

Anyway, the Entrepreneur like everybody, lives in the midst of all kinds of repercussions : Pension in Caribbean Islands, Divorce, etc …

Without too philosophizing, it is good to remember that the Entrepreneur’s history, his track record, his financial resume, and his reputation are composed only of repercussions.

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