The Multilevel Brokerage Network

The Multilevel Brokerage Network is a very different kind of multilevel marketing network because there is only one sale of product or services from the company to the consumer.

Thus there is no pyramid sale possible, and only a pyramid commissioning scheme that is totally legal.

The Multilevel Brokerage Network is polymorphous, its structure adapts itself to the distribution of various products and services through very different distributors (natural or legal persons of very different size and nature).

The Broker is simply an intermediary between the Company and the Consumer.

As a result, the sales contract is signed directly between the Company and the Consumer. Thus, the Broker is not bound to acquire products or invest in the inventory to offer for sale and therefore never encounters inventory problem.

This system allows the broker to focus on his mission, that of prospecting to sell on the one hand to ensure its own success and on the other hand to sell the products distributed by the company.

In order to achieve better performance and higher profits, brokers will have the opportunity to distribute multiple products and services, particularly in the areas of telephony cards and alternative means of payment but also in the fields of drinks, cosmetics and fashion.

The broker enters into a brokerage contract with the Company and receives commissions on the purchases of its customers.

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