Criterios para convertirse en Experto

by Maxime Lagane, Éléa Schmied and Marc Deschenaux

Cabe señalar que no solo no está clara la definición de la palabra Experto, como señalé en mis artículos anteriores sobre el tema, sino que los criterios varían considerablemente de una rama de actividad a otra.

If the World Federation of International Experts “Experts Without Borders” relies on the strict accreditation criteria it has set, common sense will also be respected. Thus, it is not surprising that an Expert in architecture cannot possibly be twenty years of age when it will be much more likely the case of an Expert in blockchain.

1. Flawless state or private institution diploma (s) certifying the expertise or equivalent through generally recognized professional training
The first step in accreditation goes through the establishment of diplomas granted by recognized institutions directly related to the area of expertise. These diplomas guarantee the basic knowledge that can be expected from an Expert. However the diplomas alone are not enough to be considered an Expert. The World Federation of International Experts “Experts Without Borders” recognizes the importance of the experience as well as the other criteria listed below.

2. Authenticity of all diplomas, certificates and other academic or professional qualifications
The Federation will verify the authenticity and relevance as to the area of expertise of each of the diplomas, certificates and other academic or professional training titles granted by recognized institutions that have awarded them. Any fraud or attempted fraud will be penalized by blacklisting the person who is the author.

3. Minimum of relevant cases dealt with in relation to the alleged area of expertise
Academic knowledge is not enough to make a specialist, an Expert. The question of experience is fundamental both in its quantity and in its quality. A minimum of cases handled in the area of expertise claimed will therefore be expected of a candidate for the title of EWB Expert.

4. Demonstrated and current skills, knowledge and experience of the Expert
In essence, an area of expertise evolves over time, expanding with new discoveries and technologies. An Expert must have a mastery by experience of the latest tools and knowledge related to his field of expertise. This is why the Federation will only consider an application on the condition that the one who presents it demonstrates skills, knowledge and experience that have been recently attested.

5. Recognition of the Expert by a majority of his peers or by the most credible
An EWB Expert acts as a reference in his field; It is therefore essential that it must be recognized, before its accreditation, as such by the authority figures of the field in question.

6. Total absence of conflict of interest in the cases dealt with
The Federation of Experts Without Borders guarantees the impartiality, the cornerstone of quality expertise, of its Experts in the mandates which are entrusted to them.

7. Sharing the values and code of conduct of the Federation of Experts Without Borders
Strict compliance with the exhaustive Federation Code of Ethics and Conduct is accepted by candidates and applied to the letter by EWB Experts.

8. Ability to speak and write sufficiently sophisticated in the working languages
Quality expertise cannot be achieved without both oral and written proficiency in the language in which it must be formulated according to the mandate. The Federation will ensure that its Experts show, when they already apply, effectively high language skills in the languages announced as mastered.

Special care will be taken from this point for Legal Experts; legal jargon must also be demonstrated by experience in the languages claimed, albeit foreign, of that in which the diploma, certificate or other, was announced.

9. Integrity of the Expert
The Federation will take extreme care in verifying the integrity of candidates. To do this, it will eliminate anyone who is not completely whitewashed in the light of the research carried out by it.

10. Respect for professional secrecy
As a corollary to the integrity of an Expert, it seems to us to be important to emphasize, respect for professional secrecy will of course be verified by the Federation when the Expert is nominated. The EWB Expert will of course then have to respect him within the framework of each of his mandates.

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